Dragon Greatness! Books

DRAGON = Greatness, Excellence, Preeminence, Supremacy

In the Far East to say that someone is a Dragon
is to say that he or she has the “Spirit of Greatness.”

“A Dragon can be unseen or visible, minute or huge, long or short.
However, always it is golden, always great.” 
―Shou Wen (ca. 100)

Learn How to “Rapidly” Gain the Spirit of Greatness!

If you want to rapidly gain the Spirit of Greatness in any virtue or endeavor you must reprogram your subconscious self-talk with positive affirmations! Ordinarily, consistently repeating enough affirmations, in the correct format, on a regular basis is very tedious, but Dragon Greatness! Books make this critical reprogramming process easy, quick, and enjoyable.

The unique Dragon Learning Method™ featured in Dragon Greatness! Books will enable you to easily and quickly reprogram your subconscious, empowering you to shape-shift/transform, attaining and sustaining higher levels of Greatness, Prosperity, Health, Freedom, and/or Happiness. This will be a remarkable, fun, rewarding experience for you.

“IT’S THE REPETITION of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” ―Claude M. Bristol, author of The Magic of Believing

The Dragon Learning Method™ features powerful motivational affirmations that have been condensed into a very small size and then embedded between each of a chapter’s visible quotations. As you read a chapter’s visible quotations your subconscious mind will also automatically memorize the condensed affirmations of desired beliefs between them.

Sales Dragon: Extreme Sales Motivation


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